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Since 1996, has been dedicated to the support of professional court reporters, scopists, proofreaders and transcriptionists by providing connectivity, reference resources, word lists, employment opportunities, vendor and association links, pertinent news, and just about anything of use to reporting professionals and their support staff. For those interested in the scopist profession, we're dedicated to providing quality articles and links to overviews and educational materials.


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For Prospective Legal Scopists:

Scopistry - An In-Depth Look at the Court Reporting and Scopist Profession


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Court Reporters - Find the Perfect Legal Scopist, Transcriptionist or Proofreader For Your Needs

Peruse the Freelance Directory - Over 2,000 scopists, proofreaders and transcriptionists, arranged by State and City, with detailed experience, equipment and contact information! Supports your browser's keyword search function. You can search your area first, then work your way out; or you can search for specific CAT systems, services (like "proofreader"), etc.

Place a Discreet Query (A Trade Leads posting) - A free service! Our convenient form lets you find just what you're looking for without posting publicly. Queries are forwarded to participating freelance scopists, proofreaders and transcriptionists who are currently receiving new clientele. Quality is assured because your Discreet Query posting is received only by professionals who have purchased a subscription to this service! You'll reach over 150 active subscribers dedicated to the profession!

Place a Free Listing in our Employment Classifieds (A Trade Leads posting) - Online employment positions for scopists, proofreaders and transcriptionists are posted publicly on the 'net and forwarded to our Trade Leads subscribers via e-mail. Reporters can enter their requirements by filling out a convenient, comprehensive, free form. If you can't find exactly what you need, our Employment classifieds are surely the a And don't forget to check out our other areas, listed in the right-hand column on this page and available through the menu bar at the top of this screen. We've got links for research, CAT vendors, equipment suppliers, associations, news and more!

Legal Scopists, Proofreaders and Transcriptionists

Those seeking additional clientele or employment are encouraged to submit their info for posting in our Freelance Directory, a free service. Also, you can participate in our Trade Leads Program, a fee-based subscription service delivering job leads to reporter-support professionals.

Our Freelance Directory, online since 1996, is a listing of freelance scopists, proofreaders and transcriptionists and provides detailed information about your services, experience, and the systems you support. This directory is organized by state and city, and it's completely searchable. Listings are free, so submit yours if you haven't yet! Simply visit the directory and follow the link to submit a listing. But don't forget to keep your listing up to date, because this directory is checked periodically for bad e-mail links, and all bad listings are purged. Simply visit the directory and follow the link to submit a change to your listing.

Our Trade Leads Program is a fee-based annual subscription, available for purchase online. For those who wish to grow their business, it's a convenient and affordable tool. Once subscribed, you'll receive every employment listing submitted to our Employment classifieds, Plus you'll receive all postings through the Discreet Query system, a method for allowing reporters to connect with support personnel without having to place a public listing on the 'net. Since these listings are not public, competition for these positions is generally limited to the Trade Leads subscriber base. We usually process about as many Discreet Queries as we do published Employment postings.

Free Classifieds - Our Classifieds are targeted to reporters, scopists, proofreaders and transcriptionists. Currently available areas are Employment, for positions available; Items For Sale, and Items Wanted.


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